Mandap Puja

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What is Mandap Puja?

Mandap Puja is a religious ceremony performed during Hindu weddings.

During this ritual, a sacred space called the mandap is set up, typically with four pillars and embellishments.

Mandap Puja involves offering prayers, performing sacred rituals, and seeking blessings for the couple who are getting married.

The mandap represents a divine altar, symbolizing the presence of deities and the divine blessings showered upon the couple.

The priest recites mantras and conducts various rituals to sanctify the mandap and invoke auspiciousness for the wedding ceremony.

Mandap Puja is considered an essential and sacred part of Hindu weddings, as it marks the beginning of the marital journey with divine blessings.

It is believed that the couple receives the blessings of the deities present in the mandap, ensuring happiness, prosperity, and a harmonious union.

The Mandap Puja is typically conducted before the wedding ceremony and is witnessed by close family members and friends.

It sets the spiritual tone for the entire wedding event and signifies the sacredness and importance of the marital bond.

Mandap Puja is a cherished tradition that holds deep cultural and religious significance in Hindu weddings.