Gayatri Havan

Gayatri Havan Prayer

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Gayatri Hawan is an activity with multiple benefits. We not only purify the air but also remove the impurities of our mind and body.helps to destroy all evil influences in your life. Additionally, Gayatri Homam also proves beneficial to improve relationships in the family and achieve victory.

Gayatri Havan is an intensive way chanting Gayatri mantra and initiates one to form a close bond with Gayatri by creating a conscious flow of subtle energy within one’s body. This will empower various aspects of one’s personality – intelligence, beauty, speech, health, etc – which will naturally reflect in one’s actions and growth.

Gayatri Homa assists to ward off all misery, protect one from harm, bestow one with an incomparable inner strength which can only be experienced and cannot be explained, illuminate one’s intellect and gain of peace of mind. Besides, the effect of bad karma is also reduced and good karma facilitated.